UV Curable Cathode Binders

Cost, recovery, disposal, and environmental concerns are all minimized with the elimination of NMP’s volatile compounds. Miltec’s UV Curing process eliminates the need for the costly NMP solvent recovery process and reduces the environmental footprint. UV light is used rather than heat to cure or dry the cathode instantly. A UV manufacturing system costs 1/10th or less than that of a thermal drying system that uses NMP (with PVDF). 


While it is not a solvent free process, the solvents used do not require the expense of capture and recovery, and they evaporate much faster than NMP. Miltec UV binders are safer for employees and better for the environment. Cost savings include, floor space and capital investment of the oven and solvent recovery and the energy required to operate both.


  • Custom formulated UV Curable Cathode Binders
  • UV Curing Lamp Systems

UV Binders are Compatible with:

Multiple Cathode Active Materials

  • NMC – High energy applications
  • NCA – High power applications
  • LFP – EV application
  • LCO – Consumer electronics
  • LMO – Consumer electronics
  • S – Future EV application

Anode Active Material

  • LTO – Fast charge Application
  • Si – High energy density, EV application

Patented UV Binder Chemistry Benefits

Lower Costs:

  • Shorter drying oven
  • No Solvent Recovery
  • Miltec UV cost model shows manufacturing savings in capital and operations of at least 85%.
  • Total electrode savings (including NMC and other materials):
    • 50% for the one layer on both sides of the electrode
    • 25% for double layers on each side of the electrode

NMP-Free Processing:

Since there is no NMP present in Miltec UV binders, employees involved in the production process work
in a much safer environment.


Smaller Footprint
Lithium-Ion battery manufacturing facilities are known to be large to accommodate the thermal drying
ovens, solvent recovery systems and other space consuming production equipment. Miltec UV’s
technology reduces the cathode coating manufacturing space requirement by more than 80%!


Higher Processing Speeds

  • Processing speeds limited by coating speed, not by drying speed limitations.
  • UV Cured at 100 M/min