UV Curable Cathode Binders

What is a Li-ion Battery Cathode? – Lithium-Ion batteries are rechargeable batteries that provide portable electricity. Li-ion batteries are a growing technology that will continue to expand based on the rising demand, recyclability, and superior performance over other rechargeable batteries. The batteries are used in varied applications, such as electric vehicles, medical devices, electronics, power tools, grid energy storage, military, and aerospace applications.  The lithium-ion battery is composed of four essential parts, the Cathode, Anode, Separator and Electrolyte. The cathode helps to determine the capacity of the battery and the voltage based on the active material type. Lithium transition metal oxide is the active material in the cathode that is combined with a conductive additive and a binder then applied to an aluminum substrate.

Conventional Technology Challenge – The NMP used in the conventional cathode manufacturing process is dangerous and has been classified as hazardous to people and the environment. It requires continual adherence to regulatory and safety compliance issues and the massive NMP solvent recovery process is extremely expensive to operate and maintain. Furthermore, the drying ovens consume a tremendous amount of costly energy. If faster production speeds are desired, the ovens must be lengthened which consumes even more energy.

The Miltec UV Curable Cathode Binders Solution – The NMP toxic solvent is eliminated when using the Miltec UV binder and curing process which makes the UV electrode coating technology much safer. Miltec UV curable cathode binders are NMP free and consist of monomers, oligomers and photo initiators. Once applied to the electrode, it is cured using high intensity UV light to polymerize the binder. Our UV curing lamp technology can be retrofitted onto your existing production line or can be integrated into a new cathode coating line. The final UV curing electrode coating line will consist of a short thermal flash off oven and a set of UV curing lamps which will replace the conventional thermal dryer. Since no NMP is present in the binder, the solvent recovery system will no longer be needed. Using the Miltec UV Solution is a safe, efficient, and cost-effective way to manufacture batteries.


  • NMP Free Binder
  • Reduced Battery Cost
  • Increased Production
  • Less energy consumption
  • Small footprint/short drying oven
  • Reduced capital and operating costs
  • Improved Battery Performance
  • Dramatically lower Equipment maintenance costs
  • Faster Processing Speeds
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