About us

Miltec UV is an international leader in UV curing system technologies. Our team of more than 50 employees is based in the United States with our headquarters located in Stevensville, Maryland. Miltec UV’s proximity to Washington, DC, and Baltimore, Maryland, allows us access to major airports and shipping lanes, enabling support for customers around the world.


For more than 30 years, Miltec UV has been manufacturing HPI (arc lamp) and MPI (microwave powered) UV curing systems as well as infrared (IR) systems. These can be utilized for a wide variety of applications, such as curing inks, coatings, and varnishes, in every market that employs UV curing technology, including optical fiber, flooring, metal decorating, semi-conductor, and automotive industries, among many others.


Miltec has committed more than 10 years to the development of its patented UV technology that provides binder chemistries and UV curing equipment for making ceramic-coated separators and cathodes for the Li-ion battery production.


UV technology and systems are recognized as environmentally friendly “green technology” because they eliminate the use of virtually all damaging volatile organic compounds (VOCs) typically emitted into the atmosphere during the curing process. Our staff of technical experts provides custom engineered UV curing systems, as well as consulting, training, technical support, and a fully staffed customer application laboratory. Additionally, Miltec UV offers spare and replacement parts for Miltec UV lamp systems and other OEM lamp systems.


All of our high-performance UV systems are designed and manufactured in the United States in our state-of-the-art facility and are carefully crafted and tested to ensure superior performance. Our commitment to building strong customer relationships and developing innovative technologies, in addition to providing a superior offering in terms of quality and price, has led Miltec UV to become a first-choice supplier for UV customers around the world.

Our History


Miltec UV Founded

Miltec UV was founded in 1989 by Joseph and Marilyn Blandford and we recently celebrated our 30th Anniversary in 2019. Miltec UV began as a manufacturers’ rep for UV curing systems, distributor of UV curing system parts, and manufacturer of anti-fogging coated lenses for military night vision goggles.


Opening of Bulb Division

Miltec UV opened a state-of-the-art Bulb division for manufacturing a variety of UV bulbs. Shortly after that, we began manufacturing various other consumable parts including patented screens and reflectors for UV curing systems.


Started Manufacturing UV Systems

Following the success of parts sales, Miltec UV expanded the business into manufacturing UV curing systems. Our HPI UV system was introduced to the manufacturing industry and has been a growing and popular UV system since. Today, it is widely recognized for its outstanding curing performance and industrial reliability.


Developed MPI UV System

We released our microwave powered UV system, the MPI System. Since its release, we have installed many MPI systems around the world in various markets. This system has several patented features that have helped companies advance into UV technology.


Focus on Lithium-Ion Battery Technology

Gary Voelker, former F4 fighter pilot and retired Director at US Department of Energy, introduces the idea to Miltec UV of using UV curable binders for Li- ion electrodes. With the rapidly increasing interest in the use of lithium-ion batteries for vehicles, Miltec UV undertook a substantial effort aimed at using UV curing as a new technology for the manufacturing of electrode binders and separator coatings. We now offer UV Binders, Coatings and UV Curing Systems to Li-ion battery manufacturers and suppliers.



Miltec UV introduced our second microwave powered UV system, the Xtrema ECO. Designed specifically for the optical fiber market, it delivers more UV light to the optical fiber coating compared to previous UV system technologies, while consuming less energy. This innovative and patented UV lamp system has been the leading system installed in the optical fiber industry.


Leader in UV curing systems

Miltec UV is a leading manufacturer of high-performance UV curing systems in the UV industry, offering both electrode (arc) and electrodeless (microwave powered) UV Curing systems. Miltec UV’s consumable parts are shipped to UV customers around the world. Thanks to our dedicated customers, Miltec UV is a first-choice supplier based on superior performance and quality.