A better way to build a Li-ion battery.

Miltec develops technology for the manufacturing of
Li-ion battery components using ultraviolet (UV) curable materials.
This makes battery production environmentally
friendly, safer, and more cost effective.

Li-ion battery
Li-ion battery

A process that’s
healthier for the

Our UV technology uses significantly less energy and eliminates the need for NMP, a toxic and mutagenic solvent, making it safer for the environment and production line operators.

Equipment that’s
easy to integrate.

Our UV curing lamps are easily retrofitted onto your existing production line.

Production that’s
faster—and safer.

UV curing reduces thermal dryer length requirements by more than 80% and allows for line speeds in excess of 100m/min.

Cost Savings

Increase your ROI by decreasing the cost to produce cathodes by up to 85%!

Harnessing the
power of UV.

When Li-ion battery components are treated with UV
curable binders and coatings, they have the same or
improved performance over traditional manufacturing,
and are safer to build. Miltec develops the UV
technologies that make better batteries possible.

battery cell
Miltec’s patented cathode binder is UV curable, completely eliminating the need for NMP and large thermal drying ovens.
Miltec’s research into gel polymer electrolytes is paving the way to safer, more efficient batteries.
Miltec’s battery separator coating process instantly cures the ceramic coating, raising temperature stability while reducing energy consumption.
UV-curable anode binders and curing equipment are now available for LTO and Si active materials.
Li-ion battery

What is UV Curing?

UV curing is an eco-friendly process that uses UV light instead of thermal energy to quickly and permanently cure materials used in electric vehicles, medical devices, electronics, power tools, grid energy storage, military, aerospace and other applications. The process of UV curing is safe, fast, and low-cost.

Big changes can
come in small

Efficiency, safety, and cost savings aside, Miltec UV
curing equipment
boasts a dramatically smaller
factory footprint and carbon footprint when
compared to conventional systems.

Miltec UV Curing Production Footprint

Lead the charge in
Li-ion battery technology.

The Li-ion battery industry is transforming. Miltec is proud to offer innovative UV solutions that answer the call for a smarter, faster, cleaner production process. Making the switch to stay ahead of the game is simple, and it can all start with an evaluation.

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