A Revolutionary and Sustainable “Green” Technology for the Li-ion Battery Manufacturing Industry Learn More Miltec UV provides UV Binder Chemistries and UV Curing Equipment for making Ceramic Coated Separators and Cathodes

Manufacture NMP-Free Li-ion Batteries with
Miltec UV's Patented UV Technology

Eliminates NMP and Improves Worker Safety

Reduces Battery Cost

Smaller Factory Footprint

Reduces Energy Consumption
and Carbon Footprint

Faster Production Speeds

Improves Battery Safety

Miltec UV is committed to driving positive change in the rapidly expanding Li-ion battery industry by promoting UV technology for the manufacturing of cathodes and separators using our patented UV process. UV Technology is a “green” environmentally friendly technology because the UV curing process and equipment use less energy and have a smaller factory and carbon footprint than conventional systems with lengthy drying ovens. Our patented UV technology for manufacturing cathodes eliminates the use of NMP which is harmful to the battery workforce and environment. Miltec’s UV ceramic coated separator technology prevents shrinkage at high temperatures, making batteries safer and reducing the energy cost of the ceramic coating process.

In addition to being NMP-free and improving battery safety, batteries produced using UV technology promise a significant cost reduction for battery manufacturers. The savings include, operational and manufacturing costs, as well as reduced energy consumption and a dramatically smaller footprint. The elimination of large drying ovens reduces the overall carbon footprint of the manufacturing process. A cost model developed for the Department of Energy (DOE) shows up to an 85% reduction in electrode manufacturing cost.

Implementing UV curing into a separator or cathode manufacturing process will result in faster production speeds or much shorter cycle times, both of which result in significant increases in production and process efficiency. While saving a tremendous amount of money producing Li-ion batteries, the battery manufacturer will also be making a positive impact on the environment by using sustainable and green technologies.
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Li-ion Battery SEPARATOR

Our UV process replaces the conventional ceramic coated binders with UV light curable binders. This eliminates the need for slow, energy intensive thermal drying and will save separator and battery manufacturers time, space, and money. The Miltec ceramic coated separators have virtually no shrinkage at 180°C.

Li-ion Battery CATHODE

Our technology for manufacturing cathodes with a UV curable binder is NMP free with a significantly smaller footprint, both of which are better for the environment. A very short thermal dryer with a final cure of UV lamps replace the conventional long drying ovens and the NMP recovery system will no longer be needed.