Put battery production into overdrive.

Our advanced technology includes patented UV binder chemistries
and UV curing equipment that help manufacturers build batteries
faster, and more efficiently with enhanced safety.

From start ups to large manufacturers, our experts in
UV curing equipment and binders collaborate with machine
builders around the world to integrate and create full-scale
UV curing systems that eliminate the need for NMP.

Miltec’s UV curable cathode binders are compatible with all
active materials including NMC, NCA, LFP, LCO, LMO and S.


reduction in production
line length

Smaller, speedier,
and just as mighty.

UV curing equipment boasts a dramatically smaller factory
footprint when compared to conventional systems. And since
it does not rely on a long line of thermal drying ovens,
production speed increases; cathodes can be cured at a
rate of up to 100 m/minute.

Eliminate thermal dryers and NMP with UV Curing
UV curable binders eliminate NMP

Easier on the environment.
Safer for your team.

The UV-curable binders used in our process don’t rely on NMP and require significantly shorter thermal dryers. By avoiding toxic and flammable solvents, we help reduce environmental impact and improve employee safety.

Learn more about NMP and the future of Li-ion battery production. Read our blog.

Significant savings
from every angle.

UV curing equipment gives you a reduced production footprint and faster line speed, and uses just 1/10th the energy of conventional systems. The result is an 85% reduction in production cost.


reduction in production

UV curable cathode binders eliminate NMP and thermal dryers
UV curing of cathodes eliminates NMP and thermal drying.
A UV Curing system costs significantly less than conventional equipment that uses NMP (with PVDF).

Test our system with your

Miltec’s system can be retrofitted onto your existing production line, or it can be
integrated into a new cathode coating line. But making the switch can start
with a trial evaluation. Schedule an evaluation to learn how you can test the
production system with your application and see measuarable results.

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